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Debbie photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, February 2014

I. Ohmygod.



Debbie photographed by Annie Leibovitz for Vanity Fair, February 2014

I. Ohmygod.

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Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange is up!


The Hockey RPF Holiday Exchange is now up!

The Relevant Info:

Collection link:

Authors who wrote things!: 7iris, 7spanishangels, accidentallymelted, ahestele, Alex Smith, amuse, andromeda_reinvented, aohatsu, Arioch, auhee, Bellaphant, Calliotrope, camshaft22, capeofstorm, celli, celtprincess13, derryderrydown, Dodger, dragons_and_angels, eiirene, hanet, hawksjolras, hazel, historysong, hollyandvice, im_not_a_lizard, james, Java_Genie, joyfulseeker, Katarin, Kephiso, knew_her_when, Lapica, Lenore, lilcrickee, littlemissaily, mathgeeksupreme, Maur, mazily, merisunshine36, mlyn, neros_violin, ninja_orange, ohtempora, oshiesaurus, popfly, queeniegalore, Rest, rubberbisquit, schneefink, sesame_seed, shana0809, silentcs, spuffyduds, taliahale, ten_miles_til_midnight, thehoyden, thenorthface, thisissirius, torigates, tourdefierce, unperfectwolf, unrequited_rain, VampireSpider, Vitula, wantstothrill, whataboutmycape, writing0111, zaogao, zarathuse

Number of stories = 77

Since all of these stories are going live at the SAME TIME, please be sure to give the authors some love for participating in such a thing. ;D

Thank you to all those who participated, but most ESPECIALLY, a shout out to our amazing pinch hitters who nobly volunteered their services and didn’t get a story in exchange. You make things like this possible in fandom, and I appreciate youuuuu.


HAPPY 2014, hockey fandom!



There is a Bridget Jones AU in here! And so much genderswap. And USWNT soulbonding.

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In which I search youtube for “love songs about science”. Way to go, self.


edward carpenter and george merrill, millthorpe, derbyshire.  ca. 1895. edward carpenter collection.  sheffield libraries and archives.  

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That there should exist one other person in the world towards whom all openness of interchange should establish itself, from whom there should be no concealment; whose body should be as dear to one, in every part, as one’s own; with whom there should be no sense of Mine or Thine, in property or possession; into whose mind one’s thoughts should naturally flow, as it were to know themselves and to receive a new illumination; and between whom and oneself there should be a spontaneous rebound of sympathy in all the joys and sorrows and experiences of life; such is perhaps one of the dearest wishes of the soul.

Love’s Coming of Age (1896)

by Edward Carpenter

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im not sure that it matters to anybody, but my thoughts are with the LGBT community in Russia. Stay strong guys. I’m so fucking sorry.

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The series is over. Boston has won and Pittsburgh is stunned. The players stand on the ice and watch as the bruins celebrate how could this have happened?? As they line up to shake hands the bruins suddenly rip off their jerseys to show that they’re actually the philadelphia flyers. claude giroux skates up to crosby, flips his hair, whips out a mozarella stick and says, ‘suck on that’

Claude Giroux, patron saint of cheese.

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i gotta know - salvamisandwich

Bringing this back!

password: lockout

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Yeah, all hail the geology grad students.

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