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Will someone just make a movie with Don Cheadle as a ruthless king who flies falcons and wins every duel and whose whim decides who lives and dies already?

that sounds pretty neat

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12 YEARS A SLAVE’s Chiwetel Ejiofor in Variety, December 2013. Click here for full profile.

I said god damn.

My goodness. 

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Greek model Dimitris Alexandrou stars in 'Statue', a story photographed by Tassos Vrettos and styled by Cris Papanicolaou with grooming by Achilleas Charitos.”


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PFW: Rick Owens Spring/Summer 2014

Rick Owens you’re fucking genius, you! Black women literally [stepped] out on the runway in Paris for Rick Owens’ Spring 2014 RTW show, in what is perhaps the biggest celebration of racial and body diversity in any of the Fashion Week presentations this season.

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i highly recommend watching this presentation, it is glorious

every model lookin angry

the best

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Drag Race contestants walk LA fashion week for Marco Marco [x]

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Compression and Release at J.W.Anderson



J. W. Anderson, SS14, London.

With a restricted colour palette and beautiful fabrics, the J.W. Anderson collection for Spring-Summer 2014 seemed to simultaneously explore fabric intensive pleating techniques and barely there sheer garments.

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AKA How many ways can I fold the thing?

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Oh my God.

Old news, I know. But I love the styling of this shoot. I don’t even know what they’re wearing but the composition and layering are wonderful.

Feral sweater girls!

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Laser Cut Layering at Threeasfour



Threeasfour, SS14, New York.

As designers become more comfortable using laser cutting and 3D printing technology, it is going to become ever more important that designers push the limits of what is possible with these technologies. Once the press and consumers get over the wow value it is going to be essential that the technology serves the design, and that the design has not merely been shaped to fit in with the technology.

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Alexander McQueen (Savage Beauty exhibit)

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