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"The soul does not give itself to despair until it has exhausted all illusions."

~Les Miserables, Chapter 45 

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Captain Jack “I’m-actually-genius-at-sea” Aubrey and his trusted Dr. Stephen “love-of-my-life-is-a-shoreidiot” Maturin.

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Aubrey Meets Maturin (2) by jessehbechtold on DeviantArt

I’m so glad someone finally illustrated the amazing beginning of the Aubreyad.

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I was like, I’m gonna draw some Master and Commander fanart!! It’s gonna be hella cool and the fandom is gonna take me hella serious!!

I was wrong. I’m not serious at all.

Stupid spy-doctors and their stupid mymble-coats, what is there to take so seriously about.

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just two kids from brooklyn

I know nothing about WW2 US army insignias so I copied whatever Steve has to Bucky’s uniform, with the exception of that silver insignia Steve has above his  army branch tape. I hope I didn’t wreck Leyendecker’s style.

Thanks for supporting me through this: spacedocks, repulsor, liiiiiiing and schwarzbrot.

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i have no one to blame but myself

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random pin-up dwarf ladies (◕‿◕✿)

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I made this with let’sdrawthehobbit in mind but I didn’t put much effort to this so blaah have it anyway


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