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Turn your bath into an underwater adventure with these wall decals and shower curtains from my Thinx Gifts Amazon store.


Oh my god…

Reblogging for people, you know who you are.

The shower curtain and wall vinyl Kraken, I want these things.

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Rope partitions by Studio Gang Architects

Rope partitions by Studio Gang Architects


Lamp Installations by Rune Guneriussen

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for history class (I stole the photos)

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«Scattered Crowd» is the name of this superb installation created using thousands ballons by the German choreographer William Forsythe.

While in Buenos Aires we stumbled across a curious manufacturing operation nestled in an alley and realized it was a unique opportunity for CH Video. Alicia Muñiz, the founder and designer ofComme il Faut, has been dancing tango most of her life. Dissatisfied with the available tango shoes Muñiz decided to go ahead and make her own. Seeking to bring a higher level of fashion and design into her shoes, Muñiz broke the mold and created one of the most sought after and successful line of tango footwear in the world.


Pop up lights (more though cut).

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