It seemed as though he had just awakened from some strange sleep and found himself sliding down a slope in the middle of the night, on his feet, shivering, recoiling in vail, on the very brink of an abyss.

In the gloom he distinctly saw an unknown man, a stranger, whom fate had mistaken for him and was shoving into the gulf in his place.

For the gulf to be closed, someone had to fall in, he or the other.

Les Miserables, Victor Hugo

[this is about Madeleine’s decision to flee or condemn himself in place of Champmathieu, but go ahead and tell me that last line couldn’t be applied to Valjean and Javert]

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from the Colorado Avalanche snapchat

nooooooooooooooooooo ;_____;

He has short hair too, this is so wrong.

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Two fantastic pairs of spectacles dating to the second half of the 18th century. Top is a pair dating to 1750-1785, bottom is a pair from 1785-1800. 

Both pairs would serve as great inspirations for a steampunk look. 


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796 Man, I am so stuck in the ‘nice guy who acts creepy’ zone

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Age of Sail AUs need to happen more

Pirate AUs

Navy AUs

Merchant Ship AUs

I Was Walking Along Minding My Own Business And Suddenly These Strangers Gave Me Yellow Fever AUs

Sitting Next to This Asshole at a Concert Who Told Me to Stop Tapping My Fingers and I’m Gonna Challenge Him to a Duel and Then We’ll Be BFFS 5ever AUs

This one time I got bitten by a platypus and then my best friend nursed me carefully and lovingly AUs

Age of Sail with Dragons AUs.
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This chemistry class make kill me.

Drank a ton of Dr Pepper, listening to Stan Rogers.

Fucking pumped!!!!!

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